Which sites to visit if you want to start working out

Alright, okay, we’ve all been there: We finally realize our unhealthy lifestyle and want to change it, we want to improve, be a better person. Bursting with motivation, we jump up, get our yoga mat, place it on the floor and start exercising. Except, all we do are some sit-ups and push-ups, some lunges and then.. well, what else is there to do?

So, here are some websites and apps to help you along your journey of becoming a healthy human being:

1. Livestrong

Livestrong offers advice on fitness, nutrition, and overall habits. It’s also a great source of motivation. Furthermore, it has developed a calorie tracker, MyPlate, which is downloadable on the app store.

2. Sworkit

Sworkit has a series of apps out on the appstore. It allows you to pick a body part you want to concentrate on, the length of your workout, and then creates one for you. The general Sworkit app also includes Yoga and has a feature letting you create a custom work out for yourself.


PS: I will keep adding items to this list as I discover more.



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